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Tanavana is a name found by chance, as most precious things in life happen. The same way that the passion for Indian fabrics and a trip to India changed our destiny so many years ago.


Tanavana means warp and weft of the fabric. It also means understanding, dialogue, making by hand.  In the city of Varanasi in India, where we produce our collections in family run workshops we personally know, it also refers to the daily synergy of life. Our dreams, our life, is based in the Tanavana we create and share. We make sustainable, ethical fashion, using traditional techniques. Each garment, print and embroidery of our luxurious collections have a beautiful story behind, with men and women who with their hands and time create something unique and special for you. We believe in fair trade, giving decent salaries and doing our best to improve the life of the artisans we are lucky to work with. For all of us, and with you, who like what we do, we build a better world.


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