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PRIVACY POLICY - Effective Date: September 06, 2021


We at TANAVANA Private Limited assume that the customers, visitors or users (hereinafter collectively named as “customer”) on this website know that we take care of their privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our Privacy Policy.

  • By visiting or using the website and domain name, or any other linked pages, features, content, mobile applications, and any other services offered by us from time to time in connection with any of the foregoing (hereinafter collectively named as "website"), customer agrees to the practices and policies set forth in this Privacy Policy, and hereby acknowledge and provide consent to our collection, use and sharing of one’s information as described in this Privacy Policy.
  • The terminologies that are not defined in this Privacy Policy, the meanings of such terms can be read in Terms of Use section of this website.


  • This Privacy Policy covers our policy regarding the ways or practices of collecting, maintaining or using the customer’s personal identifiable information or "Personal Information" that we gather when the customer accesses or uses this website.
  • This policy does not cover or apply to the practices of our business affiliates, other third party companies (including the individuals whom we do not employ or manage) that we do not own or control, even if the customer access the websites or services of those such companies through the provided links or reference on this website.
  • We do not collect or solicit personal information knowingly from anyone who is under 13 years of age, and we do not allow such person to register for our services. If the customer is under 13 years of age, please do not attempt to register for the services or send us any information about oneself on this website, including one’s name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. No one under the age of 13 years may provide any personal information to us on this website. If we come to know that we unknowingly, accidently, mistakenly or unintentionally collected personal information from a child under the age of 13 without verification of his parental consent, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If customer believes that we might have any information about a child under 13 years of age, please contact us at


We can ask our customers to provide their relevant personal information to us. We may use such received information so as to improve or enhance providing better services to the customers. We welcome the customers to set up their individual user account and profile on the website. Our purpose is to remain in touch with the customers, to give answers to their queries, to get inspiring ideas from their suggestions, to fulfill their requirements for certain products and services, to analyze how they utilize our website, or as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy. We may share certain types of Personal Information with third parties.



  • We collect and store any information that is provided to us by the customer. We collect personal information, such as, name, username, phone number, credit card and other billing information, email address, shipping address of customer, email addresses of customer’s friends (for introducing our services to them), and also customer’s account credentials held with a third party, such as, login credentials for Facebook, etc. We also store information about personal interests and preferences of the customer. If customer accesses our services through Facebook Connect, the customer must understand that some content and/or information on his Facebook account (“Third Party Account Information”) may be transmitted into his account that is held with us.
  • The customer may not be able to register with us or to use some or all the features of this website, if he does not provide us the information that we ask on request. If customer provides the information sought by us and authorizes us for doing such transmissions, then we transmit all the information (including his account information that is held with Third Party) to our service team, and customer thereby gets the coverage under this Privacy Policy.
  • The customer is notified that, to safeguard customer’s privacy, we anonymize his personal information so that one cannot be identified individually, and further we may share such anonymized information with our partners and advertisers.
  • Customer should not have any objection that we may share his non-personal information in unidentifiable (without disclosing identity) and demographic form with the advertisers. Using such information, the advertisers may select appropriate audience to offer their products and services. Our information sharing may sometimes include information regarding the purchases of certain brand of apparels, and enquiries that were made by the customers from us. By doing so, the customers may feel delighted with an indirect benefit of getting to know about various exciting new offers that the advertisers would have in for the customers. We reassure that our customer’s identity is not disclosed to the advertiser or any other company.


  • Whenever any customer interacts with our website, we automatically receive and record the information on our server logs from customer’s browser including his IP address, “cookie” information, and pages requested by the customer. “Cookies” are the identifiers that we transfer to the computers (or devices) of customers, that in turn allows us to recognize his browser or devices, and it tells us about how and when our website’s pages are visited, and by how many people. The customer can anytime change the preferences on his browser so as to limit or prevent the acceptance of cookies, but by doing so, it may prevent the customer from taking advantage of the best features of our website. Our advertising partners may transmit cookies to the computer of customer when he clicks on ads that appear on our website. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not cover the cookies delivered by us (or any of our advertisers) to the customer.
  • When we collect our website’s usage information, such as, number and frequency of visitors, and the webpages accessed by them, we carefully use such data only in an aggregate form, especially in a manner that ensures customer’s anonymity. We may share this aggregate usage information with our partners. Our partners may use such information so as to understand in what ways and how often people use our website. Such process helps us and our partners in improving our services further so as to provide an optimal online experience to the customer. We may send a cookie to customer’s device that records the activity of products being viewed on our website, and such information may be sent to third party website in unidentifiable form (without disclosing customer’s identity) to them, so that they would send advertisements to the customers for similar or better products being offered by us and/or third parties.
  • We may also send a file to the customer through a website known as "web beacon". It is an advertising network in contract with us. Web beacons allow advertising networks to provide anonymized research and reporting, aggregated auditing for us and other advertisers. Web beacons may log our customer’s activity of having viewed a certain product on our website, and further show an advertisement of similar products when he browses to another website. Web beacons may also enable advertisement networks to serve targeted advertisements to our customers when they visit other websites. Customer’s web browser is supposed to send a request for these advertisements, and web beacons from advertisement network's server, so that these companies can view, edit, or set their own cookies, just as if a customer requests a webpage from their website. Many advertisement networks participate in Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards. NAI members also allow you to opt-out of cookies or beacons that they deliver. We do not control the policies of any third party including advertising networks.


We contact our customers by email or other means. We may send promotional offers, or suggest them the ways to make optimal use of our website. We may receive a confirmation when the customer opens our email. If the customer is not interested in receiving email or other mail from us, he must indicate the preference by changing account settings accordingly.


We do not sell or share customer’s personal information to anyone in personally identifiable form. We share customer’s information in non-identifiable form with our affiliated third parties as follows:


  • Our business affiliates and third party websites may offer to sell their items and services to our customers in certain situations through the websites, either alone or jointly with us. The customer may recognize our affiliates by closely observing the nature of products or services being offered by them. We share customer’s personal information with our affiliates to the extent of matching their offered services. Their services may automatically transmit our customer’s TANAVANA account information to an account on a third party website or service, such as Facebook.
  • Our customer must notify that we have no control over the policies and practices of our affiliates and third party websites concerning their privacy policies or anything else. If the customer chooses to do any transaction or to avail the products or services offered by our affiliates, customer must do it with due care and at their own discretion, especially after carefully reviewing their website policies.


We sometimes appoint agents other companies for executing our tasks, and therefore the relevant information of our customers is required to be shared with them for enabling them to serve our customers. Unless we inform the customers otherwise, our agents and such companies do not have the right to use our customer’s personal information beyond what seems necessary in performing such tasks.


Customer’s (user’s) profile information, such as, a username, image content that customer uploads to our website, may be displayed without limitation to other users so as to facilitate users’ interaction within the website, or for addressing the customer’s request concerning our services. Any content that is uploaded by the customer on his user profile, including any personal information or content that is voluntarily disclosed online, in a manner that other users can view on discussion boards, chat areas, messages, etc. becomes available to public. All such content can be collected and used by others. Username of customer is also displayed to other users when he upload images or post comments to the website, and other users can interact through the comments. If customer signs into the website through Facebook Connect, his friends’ list from Facebook may get imported to the website automatically. If such friends are also registered as the users of our website, they also get an access to customer’s non-public information that was entered in user profile of the website. We do not control the policies and practices of any other third party website.


We may get into buying or selling the assets. Our customer’s information (which may include one’s personal information) is typically considered to be one of our business assets during such transactions may also get transferred to third party. If we go out of business or become bankrupt, or all of our assets are acquired, then our customer’s personal information that we have possession would be one of the assets transferred to (or acquired by) third party.


  • We may release customer’s personal information in good faith without any unfair intention, or especially when such a release is required under law, or for enforcing our conditions of use, and/or for other agreements.
  • One’s personal information may also be released for protecting the rights, property or safety of TANAVANA, our employees, users and others.
  • We may exchange such information with government authorities, organizations and other companies for the purpose of credit risk reduction and fraud protection.


Customer will be duly notified about when his personal information is likely to be shared by us with third party, and thereby customer will be able to prevent that sharing, except as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


  • Customer’s account on the website is password protected for the purpose of security and privacy. If customer accesses the account via Facebook Connect, one may have additional or different sign-on protections through Facebook. Customer must prevent unauthorized access to his account and personal information by making use of password protection and other sign-in protections appropriately, and must limit an access to computer or device by adopting the practice of signing off every time after having finished the usage.
  • We make sincere efforts to protect the privacy of customer’s account and personal information that is held in our records. However, we cannot guarantee providing complete security to customer’s privacy because in the world of uncertainties, unexpected hardware or software failure, or someone’s unauthorized entry into our system or cyber-attacks, and other factors may compromise the security of customer’s information on our website at any time.

Our website may contain the links of other websites. We do not take any responsibility of the business practices or privacy policies of other websites. When customer follows the link to another website, one must read their privacy policy as well, and should be remain careful in dealings with them at one’s own risk and discretion.


The customer can access, edit or delete the following information on one’s account through account settings:

  • Name and password.
  • Email address.
  • Shipping and billing information.
  • User profile information and user content, including images uploaded by a customer to the website.
  • Any changes, updates incorporated by us into the website may sometimes put unavoidable or minor impact or changes on the usage, viewing or storage of customer’s information that is held with us. If customer has any query about viewing or updating information we have on file about him, please contact us at


  • We need some information about the customer so as to allow him getting registered with us, and to give him an advantage of using some or all the useful features on our website. Customer is free not to opt or disclose information to us. However, if customer chooses not to provide us that information, his range of activities to avail the services on website and features thereof may get restricted.
  • Customer can add, delete or update his personal information anytime. Please note that we maintain a copy of unrevised (earlier) information in our records concerning the information updates. Customer may request deletion of his account by visiting the account settings on the website. Some of the information may still remain in our private records even after deletion from customer’s account. We may use aggregated data derived from customer’s personal information even if he updates or deletes the same, but such information is never used in a manner that discloses one’s personal identity.
  • Customer can change his account settings if he has no interest in receiving emails or other mails from us. However, it must be noted that if customer do not want to receive crucial notifications and updates from us, such as, legal notifications, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc., even then such legal notices would still remain fully applicable to customer, and govern the usage of this website. Therefore, we firmly suggest our customer to remain open to receiving and reviewing our updates.


  • We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. The information that is collected currently would subject to the applicable Privacy Policy in force during the actual usage of information.
  • If we make changes in our ways of using customer’s personal information, then such information would be prominently declared and displayed on the website, and customer would also be notified directly through email or other means.
  • Any changes made to this privacy policy would be applicable to the customer from the date and time of customer’s first usage of this website after its declaration made on website.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding our privacy policies, please send us a detailed message to

We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.