Tanavana means warp and weft of the fabric. It also means understanding, dialogue, making by hand.  In the city of Varanasi in India, it also refers to the daily synergy of life.

We believe in fair trade and make sustainable, conscious fashion. Each garment, print and embroidery of our luxurious collections have a beautiful story behind, with men and women who with their hands and time create something unique and special for you.

Over the years, we have assimilated artisans and crafts from other countries too. From the free-flowing Ottoman designs that add to the richness of Turkish clothing to the Japanese Kimonos made from silk and dyed to perfection in traditional Shibori craft, the idea of a fashion label drawn around Tanavana had since expanded beyond the shores of India where it was founded. The brand now continues growing across continents and cultures blending the heritage with the contemporary to create a fashion statement that is bold and modern yet rooted in exceptional craftsmanship passed down generations of talented artisans.

For all of us, and with you, who like what we do, we build a better world.

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